Green project pipeline Programmes for the mobilization of private capital

There are lot of good ideas for climate protection. In order for them to be successfully implemented support, competent partners, and investors are key. In the following, you will find an overview of programmes and guidelines that provide support for realizing climate-friendly projects and securing private capital.

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Green investments for the future, photo: Kampan -

Investors are increasingly looking for green, Taxonomy-aligned projects. At present, these are frequently structured on a small scale and are often not “bankable”. This means that projects have to stand on solid footing from a risk and return perspective. At the same time, municipalities, companies, and private individuals are interested in and have a need for the implementation of green projects, which are not always financed via their own resources. Project organizers want to sell their products or services and some are also willing to make an investment themselves.

Thus, it does not take much to bring investors and project organizers together and bridge the gap. The Ministry for Climate Action’s green finance activities support various programmes that aim to do just this. This contributes to achieving Austria’s climate and energy targets.

klimaaktiv: Austrian Green Investment Pioneers Programme

The Austrian Green Pioneers Programme, implemented together with klimaaktiv, is providing green projects a helping hand. In many cases, securing sufficient financing represents a hurdle for the realization of small-scale, climate-friendly projects. Companies, investors, and banks that join forces as part of a corporation in order to realize projects in the areas of renewable energy, climate-friendly mobility, buildings, and industry can become Austrian Green Investment Pioneers. The objective is to test and demonstrate, on the basis of successful pioneer projects, what works, what leads to success, and, ideally, what can become a new standard for similar projects.

Austrian Green Investment Pioneers Programm (→ klimaaktiv) German text

Climate and Energy Fund: Green Finance Programme

Along with the necessary financing, we need new business models for the constantly changing conditions. Support for climate-relevant business ideas in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility, and agriculture/bioeconomy that contribute to boosting the resilience of our overall system by reducing dependencies is essential for a sustainable industrial and service oriented society such as Austria.

The Climate and Energy Fund’s Green Finance Programme aims to facilitate the development of business cases and placements on the financial market. The fund also supports feasibility analysis of large-scale Taxonomy-aligned projects along with funding’s for incidental costs involved with green, Taxonomy-aligned placements on financial markets.

Green Finance Programm (→ Klima- und Energiefonds) German text