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The Climate and Energy Strategy is the starting shot for the end of the fossil age in Austria.

E-fuel station
E-fuel station, photo: BMLRT / Alexander Haiden

Identifying problems and setting the right course

Austria is setting itself ambitious goals as regards climate and environmental protection: We want to be international pioneers on the way into a climate-friendly future. With #mission2030, Austria’s climate and energy strategy, the starting shot for the end of the fossil age was fired. The key objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36 percent compared to 2005 and to generate 100 percent of the Austrian electricity from renewable sources of energy by 2030. Our formula for success: A sustainable combination of awareness-raising measures, efficient use of renewable sources of energy and targeted promotion of innovative environmental technologies.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21 century. With our climate and energy strategy we counter its causes decidedly. It serves as a guide which identifies problems and sets the direction. On this basis, we will compile and implement effective packages of measures with our partners. Energy transition is not only our moral responsibility but also presents an opportunity for enterprises to create sustainable jobs and new export opportunities.

The key to success

is the decarbonisation of businesses and energy systems. This is not a question of de-industrialisation but of modernisation. However, energy transition is much more than a pure change of technologies; it is also a cultural project - the awareness that we need a new way of working, consuming and living. The basic structures of energy supply, settlements and transport must be made fit for the transition to sustainable energy systems and, at the same time, fit for the new conditions that climate change is bringing about. In this way we not only protect our climate but also increase the economic value added and make Austria future-proof. We can no longer postpone the necessary steps. It is high time for us to take firm action.

What is decisive is that politics, business and society work closely together. This applies also at the international level: At the UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris 194 contracting parties agreed on a legally binding treaty on climate protection. We want to pursue this way of interaction resolutely. We are clearly committed to the international climate protection treaties and the sustainability goals of the United Nations. If we all join forces, #mission2030 will be a great success.