Green Finance Alliance

Pioneering climate protection together: within the Green Finance Alliance, Austrian financial institutions undertake to orient their portfolios towards the Paris Climate Agreement goals. Green Finance Alliance members demonstrate that climate protection and an environmentally sustainable economy can go hand in hand.

Sustainable management - alignment with the Paris climate target, photo: ©Chinnapong -

Austrian financial companies who participate in the Green Finance Alliance (GF-Alliance) commit to take steps to make their portfolios climate neutral. As such, these companies are helping Austria and the EU achieve the climate objectives they have agreed.

Towards climate-neutrality together

Joining the GF-Alliance provides companies with an opportunity to help the financial industry progress more quickly towards sustainability and re-orientate their portfolios towards a futureproof direction.  By expanding activities such as the offering of environmentally friendly loans and investments in resilient, futureproof sectors – as well as refusing harmful activities such as insuring businesses, which are detrimental to the climate, progress against the GF-Alliance targets should be achieved. These necessary steps are reflected in the binding, strict criteria catalogue covering the core business portfolios as well as  operational ecology of GF-Alliance members.

Members of the Green Finance Alliance receive support from the Ministry for Climate Action and other experts. They can also share knowledge and experience with other companies and raise their profiles as part of a strong grouping of financial institutions, which are consciously taking responsibility.

Call for application has started!

On 15th September 2021 the official call for applications to join the GF-Alliance has started. Financial companies are invited to hand in their application documents for the GF-Alliance membership until 31st January 2022 at the latest (end of application phase). The applications will be evaluated and decided on until end of April 2022. The initiative’s launch is scheduled for the second quarter 2022.

Executive Summary

Please find here further information about the GF-Alliance. You will get an overview of the initiative as well as more details about the measures and criteria.

Green Finance Alliance: Executive Summary (PDF, 863 KB)


Further documents on the content can be found on the German pages of the Green Finance Alliance.