WWW for Europe

Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe is an ambitious WIFO-coordinated European research Project.

The objective of the EU project "Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe" was to develop a new strategy to make Europe more dynamic, socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable. The research conducted by the 34 participating institutions was completed in 2016.

Inter alia, the research conducted by "WWW for Europe" was focused on the following issues:

  • What are the challenges that the European welfare state needs to face up to?
  • How do efforts to achieve ecological sustainability impact growth and employment?
  • What role do industrial and innovation policies play as drivers of change processes?
  • What adaptations need to be made to government structures at the European level?
  • What role do regions play in the socio-ecological transformation?

In the framework of its initiative Growth in Transition, the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism was a partner in the project.

Details on "WWW for Europe" and research results already obtained can be retrieved at foreurope.eu.