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Energy strategy and policy

Two global challenges facing the European Union as a whole and its Member States – and therefore Austria as well – have become increasingly apparent in recent years.

  • concern over secure sources of energy that are economically affordable
  • future-focused efforts for achieving a sustainable supply of energy.

Austria addressed these issues in its energy policy at a very early stage and is subsequently pursuing a policy that is congruent with the common objectives of the EU.

In addition to its membership in the EU, Austria is involved in many other international organisations concerned with tasks and responsibilities related to energy policy, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA).

As a result of its membership of these important global institutions, Austria has both adopted the recommendations pertaining to energy policy that these organisations have proposed and, as a member state, has also availed itself of opportunities to take an active role in implementing these policy areas at a supranational level.

Austria’s energy strategy is founded on three principles:

  • Security of energy supply
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energies

On the basis of these principles, Austria’s energy strategy is primarily directed at enhancing energy efficiency at every level where energy is supplied and consumed.

Furthermore, it is necessary to improve security of supply and crisis provision for every source of energy and to strive to achieve as high a degree of energy autonomy as possible, while at the same time taking into account cost Efficiency.

Energy Strategy Austria (PDF, 844 KB)

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