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CEDR Research Call 2019

CEDR Research Call 2019 is open as of 20 December 2019 with the following three research programmes: Renewable Energy in Road Infrastructure, Safe Smart Highways and Soils.

The CEDR Transnational Research Programme (TRP) operates through a series of annual transnational calls on topics that address the needs of European road authorities. The aim is to produce research results that can be implemented by CEDR members and contribute to a safe, sustainable and efficient road network across Europe. It is funded by CEDR members on a voluntary basis. Participation is open to any legal entity, though all consortia must be led by a legal entity from a European country.

Call 2019 will have three research programmes:

These programmes were prepared via extensive consultation among CEDR members about their research needs under these topics.

Renewable Energy in Road Infrastructure

The aim of this programme is to identify, consider and gain a greater understanding of existing renewable energy generation with regard to application on or nearby assets of national road authorities (NRA). In this way, NRAs can make more informed choices and contribute to the energy transition in a most cost-effective way. This research programme will examine the following 3 sub-themes:
(i) an overview of renewable energy applications in different NRA topologies and assets;
 (ii) an analysis of business case options and typical applications; and
 (iii) Governance, organisational and legal issues regarding renewable energy at NRA assets and land.

Safe Smart Highways

The aim of this programme is to identify, consider and gain a greater understanding of existing procedures with stopped vehicles and capacity of highways with in National Road Authorities (NRA). In this way, NRAs can make more informed choices. This research programme will examine ways of preventing collisions with stopped vehicle in a live traffic lane and increasing the capacity of highway without compromising, or even improving, road safety.


The aim of this programme is to develop prescriptive methodologies for assessing and quantifying the impacts of national road projects on soils, and outline practical mitigation measures to offset and minimise these impacts

Programme Management

Call 2019 will be launched and managed by the CEDR member from Denmark – the Danish Road Directorate.
All questions about the launch of Call 2019 should be directed to the Programme Manager: Per Antvorskov, Danish Road Directorate,

A pre-announcement of the launch of Call 2019 has been made on the Official Journal of the European Union here. Full information on the Call, including the Description of Research Needs, is published on the website of the Programme Manager here.