Research, Technology and Innovation Strategy in the Field of Mobility (R&I Mobility Strategy 2040)

Following a comprehensive stakeholder process, the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), Directorate General III - Innovation and Technology, Department for Mobility and Transport Technologies developed a mission-oriented R&I Mobility Strategy fit to bring about the vision „Innovation in and from Austria for a Climate-neutral Mobility System in Europe“.   

To make this vision come true, R&I policy measures are applied in four thematic mission areas: The mission areas "Cities" and "Regions“ focus on the spatial dimension that shapes the demand for mobility. They focus on concrete applications in different contexts. Complementary to this, the mission areas "Digitalisation“ (operator-centred) and Technologies (industry-centred) address the potentials of digitalisation and technological innovations for a climate-neutral mobility system. By promoting the interplay between the mission fields, the strategy strives to apply a system view and overcome silo-solutions centred on certain technologies or transport-modes.

R&I Mobility Agenda 2026

Objectives, target groups, R&I policy measures and the four mission areas identified in the R&I Mobility Strategy 2040 have been concretised in the R&I Mobility Agenda for the years until 2026 to establish an implementation pathway and make sure research, technology and innovation in the field of mobility contribute to the general objectives of the Austrian mobility as well as R&I policy.

Supported by the federal government and the European Union (funded by NextGenerationEU)