Climate-friendly, affordable, practical – 1-2-3 Climate Ticket starting in 2021

Starting in 2021, it will be possible to use all forms of public transport throughout Austria for three euros a day – using the annual pass for 1,095 euros.

The EUR 240 million in subsidies required for this have been secured, announced Minister of Climate Action Leonore Gewessler Monday evening. This marks the completion of the first step towards the announced 1-2-3 Climate Ticket.

The advantages are plain to see. The 1-2-3 Climate Ticket allows Austrians to easily travel all over the country – in the cities, regions, and municipalities. With a single ticket with all forms of public transport throughout Austria for a whole year. In this way, the Ministry of Climate Action is creating strong incentives to switch to climate-friendly forms of transport. This will benefit not only everyone who uses public transport on a daily basis but also commuters who have driven to work up to now because there was no attractive alternative for them.

At the same time, Gewessler also announced a major expansion of the night train system. To this end, Austrian Railways (ÖBB) will invest EUR 500 million in new trains. The government plans to provide EUR 10 million in subsidies for night trains on the route segments within Austria starting in 2024. Austria is already the European leader when it comes to offering night trains. You can board a night train operated by ÖBB this evening and wake up in Venice, Brussels, Hamburg, or at the beautiful Lake Garda tomorrow morning. Austria took a bold step by reviving and modernising the night train concept and making it popular throughout Europe. Now we are getting ready to make the next big leap for the night train system. One particularly positive aspect is that the night trains that have already been ordered are being built in Austria.

Advantages of the new solution:

  • The 1-2-3 Ticket allows you to easily get wherever you need to go – with a single ticket for EUR 1,095 with all forms of public transport throughout Austria for a whole year, starting in 2021.
  • As a result, people can travel in an affordable, climate-friendly, and safe manner – whether for business or pleasure.
  • Simple and user-friendly.