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Frequently asked questions

The introduction of the 1-2-3 Climate Ticket raises many questions, but some of them can already be answered. The key information is summarised in the following FAQ, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

The 1-2-3 Climate Ticket will allow you to use all forms of public transport (e.g. the bus, tram, metro, and train) with a single ticket – for the first time ever. There will be three different tiers: The Tier 1 Climate Ticket is good for all public transport in a single province. The Tier 2 Climate Ticket is valid for two provinces. The Tier 3 Climate Ticket covers all of Austria.

The Climate Ticket for all of Austria will cost EUR 1,095 and be valid for one year. Discounts are planned for people aged 25 and under, for people 64 and over, and for people with mobility impairments. The Tier 2 Climate Ticket will cost EUR 730 and the Tier 1 Climate Ticket EUR 365.

The Tier 3 Climate Ticket for all of Austria is scheduled to be available sometime this year. The Climate Tickets for all forms of public transport in one or two provinces are more complicated to implement, but will follow as quickly as possible.

It will be possible to exchange existing transport passes in an easy and customer-friendly way.

No, other tickets will still be available. People who already have an affordable ticket can continue to use it.