Frequently asked questions

The introduction of the 1-2-3 Climate Ticket raises many questions, but some of them can already be answered. The key information is summarised in the following FAQ, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

The climate ticket is the long-awaited revolution for public transport: convenient, cheap and climate-friendly. For the first time - with only one ticket - all means of public transport (for example bus, tram, underground, train) can be used.

The Tier 3 Climate Ticket for all of Austria is scheduled to be available sometime this year. The Climate Tickets for all forms of public transport in one or two provinces are more complicated to implement, but will follow as quickly as possible.

The ticket can be purchased at →, at all → ÖBB and → Westbahn ticket counters and at all counters of the participating associations. The ticket can also be serviced as needed at all of these locations. All information is already available at →

From 26 October, the KlimaTicket Now is valid on all ÖBB, Westbahn and Regiojet trains. Of course, this also includes all S-Bahn trains in Vienna. It is also valid on all buses, trams and branch lines in Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. That means in over 90% of public transport outside Vienna. In the provinces of Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland, the ticket will also be valid on buses and Vienna lines as soon as the ongoing negotiations and all contracts have been finally concluded.

The climate ticket for the whole of Austria will cost 1,095 euros and will be valid for one year. Senior citizens over 64 years of age, everyone under 26 and travellers with mobility impairments will get the climate ticket for 821 euros.

For all those who want to be part of it right from the start, the ClimateTicket Now is available with an additional discount of 15 percent.
In its regular form, the ClimateTicket Now costs only 949 euros at the start.
In the reduced form, the ClimateTicket Now costs only 699 euros at the start.


Everything you need to know about the KlimaTicket Now at →