Trans-European Transport Network (TEN)

During the period 1995-2005 the European Commission has already given Austria financial aid totalling some 200 Euro million out of the EU budget for transport projects relating to the Trans-European Networks (TEN).

Funding to date has largely been for railway projects. Most of the aid to railway development has been for the Brenner and Danube axes. This is also a reflection of the great importance which the EU attaches to these rail routes.

In addition to railway funding Austria has also so far received assistance from the European Commission for projects relating to inland waterways, roads, aviation and transport management.

The Community Guidelines for a trans-European transport network ("TEN-T Guidelines") were revised in April 2004. Following negotiations on the new Guidelines (Decision No 884/2004/EC) Austria secured participation in ten projects, involving six main axes, from the new list of TEN priority axes and projects. Under the previous "Essen List" of priority projects Austria had been involved in just one axis (the Brenner axis). Adoption of the new TEN-T Guidelines and the new list of priorities in April 2004 thus represents a marked improvement in Austria's position with regard to the Trans-European Networks compared with the legal position hitherto.