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Broadband Strategy 2030 Austria’s Path to the Gigabit Society

The Austrian government is strongly committed to the nationwide availability of gigabit connections and has set the goal of fundamentally revising the current Broadband Strategy 2020.

Broadband Strategy 2030

To ensure the sustainability of a long-term strategy, the technological premises, the market conditions and the political objectives have to be reviewed regularly and adapted if necessary.

The Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) has prepared a draft Broadband Strategy 2030 based on the relevant political objectives. Given the extraordinary importance of the expansion of the broadband infrastructure for the country as a business location and for the Austrian population, public consultation for the Broadband Strategy 2030 began on 1 February 2019. 34 statements were collected from key players in the telecommunications sector, from representatives of the federal, state, and municipal governments, from representatives of the social partners, and from interested citizens through to 18 April 2019. All statements have been incorporated into the Broadband Strategy 2030 to the greatest degree possible.

The communication sector has changed substantially since the presentation of the Broadband Strategy 2020 in 2012. In 2012, the term “broadband” used to mean “permanent access to the Internet with considerably higher data rates than with dial-up connections”. The current requirements for “networks with very high capacity” are much broader and differ fundamentally from the original technological assumptions.

The goal of the Broadband Strategy 2020 to achieve nearly nationwide coverage with ultrafast broadband connections by 2020 as an interim objective on the way to nationwide gigabit coverage still applies. However, new technologies and associated challenges made the fundamental revisions presented in this strategy necessary.

Broadband Strategy 2030 (pdf 746 KB)