Road safety inspections (RSI) Manual for conducting

A manual for conducting road safety inspections (RSI) was created by nast consulting GmbH and KFV Sicherheit - Service GmbH and published by the BMK (formerly BMVIT) in 2010. This manual has now been revised, taking into account the legislative changes in connection with the implementation of EU Directive 2008/96/ EC and the experiences gathered in conducting RSI in past years. The revised RSI manual was discussed with participating national experts in the provincial governments, ÖAMTC, ASFINAG, KFV, the Federal Ministry and nast consulting during a workshop.

The Austrian Highway Act (BStG) was amended in July 2011 as part of the implementation of Directive 2008/96/EC. The BStG now specifies road safety inspections, and an expert team with at least one certified road safety expert is required for conducting the road safety assessment. The prerequisites and requirements for certification and the areas of responsibility of the certified road safety auditors and road safety inspectors (role and traini ng of the inspectors) are listed in RVS 02.02.35 “Certification of road safety auditors and road safety inspectors”.

Manual for conducting road safety inspections (RSI) (PDF, 1 MB)