Belts save lives

The new campaign "Belts save lives" sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) in conjunction with Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks (AUVA) gives a drastic and realistic illustration of the tragic consequences which an accident can have when people are not wearing seat belts.

A recent statistical evaluation of the number of children killed in road accidents shows that half of them died whilst travelling as passengers in cars – usually their parents' cars. Most of them were either not belted in at all or were wearing incorrectly fitted belts. The rate of seat belt wearing in Europe is 90 percent, but only about 75 percent in Austria. The Road Safety Board (KfV) estimates that 95 lives a year would be saved if belts were worn properly. The aim of our campaign "Belts save lives" is to make people realise that fastening their seat belts whilst driving is an absolute must. Not to do so can be fatal.

We have set ourselves the ambitious target of halving road traffic fatalities by the year 2010. Please do your bit – make sure that those riding with you, especially children, are properly restrained and don't forget to buckle up yourself.

Did you know…

  • a collision at 50 km/h when not wearing a seat belt is equivalent to falling from a height of 10 metres?
  • in a frontal collision at 50 km/h someone not wearing a belt is hurled forward with a force equivalent to thirty times his or her body weight?
  • 44 per cent of all those killed in accidents as car passengers were not wearing seat belts at the time and would probably have survived if they had been?
  • the driver's risk of being killed in an accident is seven times higher if he or she is not wearing a seat belt?