Austrian Road Safety Programme 2002–2010 (Edition 2009)

The Federal Ministry presented the first Austrian Road Safety Programme in 2002 based on a scientific as well as interdisciplinary analysis by the Austrian Road Safety Board (KfV).

Cover of the booklet of the Austrian Road Safety Prpgramme from 2002 until 2010

The primary objective of this effort is the reduction of deaths and injuries to be achieved by effective implementation and financing of cost-effective safety measures, as well as securing political and social acceptance. This third edition of the programme represents the implementation status in 2009 and shows the challenges ahead till the end of 2010.

Abstract of this brochure

Over six years ago the Austrian Road Safety Programme 2002-2010 appeared for the first time. Now, on occasion of the third edition, it is time to take stock and adapt the programme to the new challenges being faced. The Austrian Road Safety Programme is a success story, as the collaborative efforts of the past years have shown a clear impact. Since the start of the programme the numbers of road traffic deaths have decreased year by year and are altogether lower than those at the beginning of official statistics in the early 60s.

[48 pages, published in 2009, Vienna, by the unit II/ST 2 Technics and Road Safety].

A structured and targeted approach has proven to be the right way to tackle the problem. Many of the measures are already implemented, such as graduated driver training for novice drivers, who are especially at risk, the penalty points system for high-risk drivers, the nationwide introduction of quick-testing alcohol breathalysers and Section Controls.

Availability of the publication

A print version can be ordered: BMK, II/ST 2 – Technics and Road Safety, e-mail