Annual Report 2014 Road Safety in Austria

Cover of the brochure Road Safety in Austria - Report 2014

This 2014 edition of the Annual Report on Road Safety in Austria reports on the implementation of the measures contained in the RSP’s individual areas of intervention and outlines the resulting successes in reducing the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities on Austria’s roads. All analyses should factor in the changes to accident data collection procedures that came into effect as of 2012. Since 1 January 2012, personal injury accidents on Austria’s roads have been recorded electronically by the police officers who respond to a road traffic accident via an “Accident Data Management” system and transmitted directly to Statistics Austria. While the actual accidents are recorded on the spot, the full details of an incident may subsequently be entered into the system in stages.

A major change is that all accidents are now assigned spatial coordinates using a geographic information system, a development which will significantly aid the identification of high accident concentration sections of the road network in future. The accident data collection catalogue has been updated in line with road safety and accident research requirements and considerably extended in comparison to the data previously collected via the accident statistics report.

Annual Report 2014 "Road Safety in Austria" (PDF, 3 MB)