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Measures for the Promotion of Combined Transport in Austria

The promotion of intermodality and the intensified use of combined transport are of utmost importance for the establishment of competitive alternatives to road transport. Therefore Austria has been introducing early measures for the support of environment friendly modes, such as rail or combined transport.

The following measures aim at promoting combined transport.

Financial Support for Investment

Some substantial measures and programmes for the financial promotion of transport are listed in this article:

  • Innovation Programme for combined freight transport
  • Programme for the support of transshipment facilities for intermodal transport (road/rail/ship)
  • Financial support for operation
  • Programme for the development of intermodal transports and for the promotion of combined transport projects on the Danube.

Fiscal Incentives

Reduction or exemption from Motor Vehicle Tax

If motor vehicles and their trailers exceeding 3.5 tons are used exclusively for combined transport within a calendar month, they are exempt from motor vehicle tax for that month. Alternatively, 15 percent of the monthly motor vehicle tax can be reimbursed for every journey effected by unaccompanied combined transport or rolling roads.

For more detailed information, please refer to our German website.

Regulative Support Measures

Further information about the payload of motor vehicles and their trailers, liberalised corridors, areas or the initial and final road leg in combined transport, exemptions from driving bans, supplementary permits and rest periods.

approved date: 26 September 2012