Applying for membership

Green Finance Alliance membership in five steps: Are you a bank, insurance company, pension fund, corporate provision fund or investment company and want to seriously and ambitiously implement climate protectioninto your core business? We are happy to invite you to become part of a globally unique initiative.

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Do you want to systematically align your core business with the Paris climate targets? The Green Finance Alliance enables you to achieve long-term climate goals through concrete measures that can be implemented in the short term and make an essential contribution to fighting the climate crisis. You will be supported by experts in workshops, webinars and other exchange formats. True to the motto: It's easier together!
Financial companies based in Austria have the opportunity to apply for membership in the Green Finance Alliance on an ongoing basis. Are you interested? Send an e-mail to or contact our Coordinating Office directly by telephone on +43 664 960 28 73 (contact: Pedram Payami).

Information for interested parties

  • Observer Group: Interested financial companies and other stakeholders can become part of the Observer Group of the Green Finance Alliance. Our experts are available to answer your questions in webinars or bilateral deep dives.
  • Questions and answers: You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions in the FAQs.
  • Direct contact: Our Green Finance Alliance Helpdesk is at your disposal for detailed questions (

In five steps towards the Green Finance Alliance Membership

Step 1

Learn about the requirements of the Green Finance Alliance by reading our Executive Summary, including our criteria catalogue and our most recent progress report: English Publications

Step 2

Determine and plan the financial and personnel resources for your membership. We recommend internal coordination with relevant departments (such as sales, risk management and controlling).

Important: Obtain the approval of your Management Board (and possibly the Supervisory Board) for resource planning and the obligations linked to the membership.

Step 3

Request the application documents (application form and confidentiality agreement) via e-mail to Please complete and sign the application documents and send them to us – either via e-mail to said e-mail address or in print to the Coordinating Office (Umweltbundesamt GmbH, reference: Green Finance Alliance, Spittelauer Lände 5, 1090 Vienna)

Step 4

The Coordinating Office evaluates your application. Whether or to what extent your company is aligned with sustainability requirements will not be assessed. Our initiative explicitly aims at financial companies that are not yet sustainable but are striving to become so. The Steering Committee decides on your admission to the Green Finance Alliance. The decision is based on the completeness of the documents submitted and the fulfillment of the requirements for membership.

Step 5

Once the Steering Committee has made a positive decision, the membership documents are signed: The Membership Agreement and the Declaration of Commitment must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).