Austrian Green Finance Agenda

How to create a climate-friendly and environmentally sustainable financial system: Austria’s Green Finance Agenda paves the way for future-proof financial market policy. With this strategy, Austria is positioning itself as a sustainable financial center on the global stage.

Implementing the Austrian Green Finance Agenda
The Green Finance Agenda is pursuing various projects and activities to implement green finance in Austria. photo: message/

Mobilizing capital to protect the climate and make Austria sustainable, managing climate-relevant risks accordingly as well as promoting transparency, a long-term approach, and effective impact in the capital market: these are the central aspects of the Austrian Green Finance Agenda.

The necessary investments to reach the climate targets cannot be provided through the public sector alone - funds need to be obtained from the private sector, too. The financial system is therefore a key lever. Supportive and steering political framework conditions are a prerequisite for a successful path to a sustainable financial future: The Green Finance Agenda points the way to a climate-friendly, ecologically sustainable financial sector and identifies action areas and implementation steps that enable the scaling of sustainable financial instruments for climate-friendly investments.

About the Green Finance Agenda

The Federal Ministry for Climate Action (BMK) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) have developed concrete steps to implement the Green Finance Agenda based on expert knowledge from industry, academia and public institutions. The Green Finance Agenda has a solid foundation: Article 2. 1. (c) of the Paris Agreement states that private and public financial flows must be aligned with low-emission and resilient development. In this context, the BMK and the BMF have initiated the process of developing a comprehensive Green Finance Agenda for Austria.

Measures and action areas of the Green Finance Agenda

The Green Finance Agenda is an important milestone in the Austrian green finance sector. Core elements of the roadmap include the topics of mobilizing capital, managing risks, promoting transparency, sustainability and impact as well as strengthening impact and cost-effectiveness. Many specific measures have already been successfully implemented. These include, for example, the set up of a Green Finance Alliance, a series of activities in the area of Green Financial Literacy and the issuance of the first Austrian Green Bond (→ Austrian Treasury).

Austrian Green Finance Agenda (PDF, 999 KB)

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Green Finance Agenda

To implement the Austrian Green Finance Agenda in an impactful and cost-efficient way, the BMF and the BMK have developed an indicator-based monitoring and evaluation concept as stipulated in the operational agreement between the European Commission and Austria in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2021/241 (→ EUR-Lex).

Report on Monitoring and Evaluation of the Austrian Green Finance (PDF, 223 KB)


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