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Annual Report 2022

Cover "Green Finance Annual Report 2022"

Covering everything from the financial sector´s role in climate action to the initiative’s first application phase and launch event, and looking towards the year ahead – read more about the highlights from the Green Finance Alliance first year as well as statements from our members and the experts on our advisory board in the Annual Report 2022.

Annual Report 2022 (PDF, 1 MB)

Executive summary

Cover "Green Finance Alliance"

The Green Finance Alliance helps its members on their journey to a climatefriendly and sustainable future. Membership in the Green Finance Alliance offers value by securing a future for our children and future generations that is worth living in and helping companies align their own core business with resilient activities.

Green Finance Alliance – executive summary (PDF, 1 MB)

Brief presentation

Titelblatt Präsentation Green Finance Alliance

The presentation gives a general overview of the Green Finance Alliance. It can be used as a basis for internal presentations to showcase the initiative.

Green Finance Alliance – presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

Progress Report 2023

Titelblatt "Fortschrittsbericht 2023"

Ambitious requirements, high degree of fulfillment: In 2023, the first monitoring phase of the Green Finance Alliance was completed after members had to meet a total of 26 criteria by the end 2022. The progress report gives an overview on criteria fulfillment and other developments in the Green Finance Alliance. 

Progress report highlights: 

  • Over 80 percent of the criteria were implemented
    • 45 percent of the criteria were fully met
    • 38 percent of the criteria were partially fulfilled, yet requirements for improvement varied concerning their scope 
  • Despite the numerous criteria to be fulfilled, only 17 percent of the criteria were not met.
  • Members most successfully implemented climate strategy requirements (only 8 percent of the criteria related to adapting a climate strategy were not met).
  • Progress was also made implementing fossil fuel phase-out requirements: requirements for improvement were issued in 78 percent of the respective criteria, while the share of criteria not yet met was only at 9 percent.

Green Finance Alliance – Progress Report 2023 (PDF, 1 MB)