Right way of heating with wood

Wood, being a CO2 neutral source of energy, makes an important contribution to climate protection. An important prerequisite in this respect is the low-pollution firing of wood and the avoidance of improper operation.

Since time immemorial wood, as a fuel, has been providing heat and comfort. Moreover, heating with wood, when properly handled, protects the environment and saves money.  Wood, being a renewable source of energy, helps us with climate protection: When being burned it releases just as much carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere, as has been absorbed from the air by the growth.

Wood from domestic forests makes us more independent from international energy markets and brings us a step forward towards energy autarchy. However, the fuel wood can only fully play off its advantages for man and the environment when correctly used.

The pollution of the ambient air with particulate matter leads to health impairment, which could significantly reduce life expectancy. Negative effects on human health are also caused by persistent organic substances such as dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. A considerable share of the emissions of these pollutants is presently caused by domestic heating facilities. Thus heating with wood with antiquated furnaces, bad maintenance, wrong operation, and the co-incineration of wastes leads to considerable pollutant emissions. The correct use of wood as a fuel is thus to be viewed very positively from the point of view of environmental protection.

Heating correctly improves air quality and quality of life

For this reason the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism is carrying out, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Guild of Chimney Sweepers, the Tiled Stove Association, the Austrian Medical Association and the Austrian Doctors for a Healthy Environment, the initiative “the right way of heating”. In the folder “Heating correctly with wood” the most important prerequisites for low-pollution firing of wood are presented and the attention is drawn to the burden of disease caused by improper Operation.