Hubs in Austria

Ever since mankind has produced goods, there has also been the need to trade. And this trade means the exchange of goods and thus transport. Our ancestors were therefore already experienced and skilled carriers and constantly in search of the best routes, ways, and stations.

The sophisticated road and path network of our ancestors, like the amber and salt road, shows this quite clearly. However, with the building of these road connections, the concepts for the storage and transport of these goods have developed as well.

Returning to our days, we see that the dynamic development of the production and transportation sectors in our modern national economy permanently produces new demands on infrastructure and logistics concepts. Deregulation, liberalisation, and the opening of hitherto closed markets present new challenges, but are also great opportunities for Austria both as business location and as link between the old and new members of this Union.

For this purpose, suitable framework conditions and above all an intact and efficient infrastructure are required. This applies to information infrastructure as well as to our traffic network and - of central importance - the pertinent hubs and their facilities and equipment. We have to be well aware of the fact that the creation of value of a national economy and thus of the location Austria has always taken place there and will do so also in the future.

This is one of the main reasons, why the Austrian Ministry has decided to provide an overview about the basic information of intermodal freight hubs in Austria.

Synoptical table: hubs in Austria (PDF, 72 KB)


Further information on the terminals can be found in the terminal manual – a collection of fact sheets.

map of Austria with terminals, motorways and railways
Terminals in Austria, photo: BMK