RTI Agenda and Roadmap for Personal Mobility

The Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) strategy of the Austrian Federal Government focuses on the further development and overall implementation of potentials in science, research, technology and innovation in Austria, in order to meet the major social and economic challenges of the future.
The Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) has launched the innovation-oriented research funding programme Mobility of the Future (Mobilität der Zukunft, MdZ) in the year 2012. As a mission-oriented programme, Mobility of the Future aims at supporting the advancement of the mobility system, in particular where new approaches are needed to address mobility-relevant social challenges and where RTI measures have the potential for a transformation necessary to tackle related challenges.
Current developments in the field of personal mobility come along with societal change and have to be considered in the context of global trends and phenomena within the field of transport and beyond. Advancing digitalisation, automation and electrification or trends towards a sharing economy bring about profound changes in the system dynamics of personal mobility. The Research Programme Mobility of the Future focuses on the quest for integrated solutions designed to shape the personal mobility system of the future. This system must be sustainable (minimising the environmental impact), efficient (considering the resource input), affordable, safe, reliable and user-friendly and balance social, environmental and economic needs. This integrated approach helps to create systems that contribute significantly to ensuring mobility while minimizing the adverse impacts of transport.
The complex interactions inherent in transport systems require interdisciplinary research approaches aimed at developing both technological and social innovations. Thus, the programme focuses on new markets taking up solutions that can adequately serve the essential needs of society.

RTI Agenda and Roadmap for Personal Mobility (PDF, 335 KB)