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At, a service offered by klimaaktiv, you will find the most energy-efficient products for office and household use currently available on the Austrian market.

Take a look in the refrigerator, photo BMLRT / Paul Gruber

When buying electrical appliances, please make sure to check electricity consumption levels, as this purchase decision will affect your electricity bill for many years. By the use of energy-efficient appliances alone, electricity consumption can be brought down by up to 25%. To illustrate why this is important: an efficiency class A+++ refrigerator needs 60% less energy than a class A appliance.

How to find an efficient product

With just a few mouse clicks, provides an overview of the most energy-efficient and premium products that are currently offered on the Austrian market.

Some 3,000 products in the categories of

  • Lighting
  • Office
  • Household
  • Heating/Hot water/AC
  • Communications
  • Mobility and
  • Entertainment

are currently listed on the Internet platform. This broad service offer is constantly updated and gradually extended.

After product search via, you can specifically ask for the energy-efficient appliance of your choice in stores. In addition, an online guide is available for each product category, providing information on the energy label and/or efficiency classes, tips for correct use, explanation of terms, and technical guidance.

If you do not have time to obtain information beforehand on the Internet, you can also find the most efficient appliances directly in the electric appliances shop via the ecoGator app which is the first app that can scan and process EU Energy Label data with the smartphone camera. After the label has been scanned, a colour code will indicate if the product is among the most efficient 20% of products available on the market.

Another useful tool is the energy cost calculator. It helps to calculate the electricity and cost saving over the entire service life cycle of an appliance by using the energy-efficient topprodukte scheme. For this purpose, a comparison is made between electricity costs of existing appliances or those of planned new acquisitions and those of comparable appliances complying with topprodukte criteria.