Electronic Data Management

The Electronic Data Management (EDM) is a network of internet applications and databases established to support complex procedures in connection with documentation, registration and reporting obligations in the environment sector.

EDM offers enterprises a secure legal basis for the performance of their comprehensive obligations. The reconstructible and transparent presentation of the results allow authorities of al administrative levels to execute individual legal regulations efficiently. Cross-sectoral evaluations create the bases for steering measures in politics and administration.

Equal treatment of all those under obligations, maximum transparency with a focus on individual data protection requirements as well as the use of most modern technologies make EDM the Federal Ministry's central eGovernment initiative.

EDM in figures:

  • Over 60 million visits per year
  • 755,000 notifications per year
  • Approx. 40,000 registered persons
  • 1,300 public officials (federal, provincial and district level)

For companies, targeted information is available in German at the Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal).