Electronic Data Management (EDM)

Electronic Data Management (EDM) is a network system of applications to support environmental protection-related documentation, notification and reporting obligations and can be accessed via edm.gv.at. EDM offers companies a legally secure basis for fulfilling their extensive obligations. The comprehensible presentation of the results enables authorities at all administrative levels to enforce individual legal provisions efficiently.

In the environmental sector, a large number of legal regulations are applied. These serve to protect human health, soil, water and air. The basic regulations originate from the European Union (EU) and must in part be applied directly or implemented in Austrian law. These regulations include specifications for licensing procedures, technical specifications, for example filtering devices, emission limitations, specifications for waste avoidance, collection, recycling or disposal and monitoring specifications as well as reporting obligations of the operators and the Member States to the EU.


Companies are obliged to register in the EDM if there is a legal obligation to register or report. Currently, there are almost 50,000 registered companies and persons in the EDM. Registration for the EDM takes place online at www.edm.gv.at. The application for registration can be found on the right-hand side below the login area. The registration process includes the following steps.

  1. Submit registration application
    • Company data inclusive contact
    • Role or activity profile
    • Branch
  2. Verification of the data by the registration office
  3. Transmission of the access data to the applicants
    • To the USP (=Business Service Portal) or by post to the registered office address
    • If email address is given: Identification number (=GLN) by mail
  4. Access to the EDM
    • Use of GLN only possible after registration in EDM
    • Verification of the data.

Applications and topics

The EDM comprises various applications whose content ranges from waste balances to central radiation protection registers. Read more about the legal basis of these applications and EDM topics. Despite all the differences in legal requirements, the EDM with its master data management provides the common basis for all applications and enables the recording of facility and personal master data (ZAReg master data management). In the ZAReg notification administration, structured person- or installation-related authorisations are mapped.

EDM Waste Management

  • eAltfahrzeuge: Application for reporting data according to the End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance (e.g. chassis number of the disposed vehicle)
  • eBatterien: Application for processing notifications on the placing on the market, recovery and collection of batteries.
  • eBegleitschein: Application for processing notifications on the transfer of hazardous waste
  • eBilanzen: Application (reporting platform) for the transmission of waste balance reports and waste input-output reports (data on type, quantity, origin and whereabouts of waste)
  • eDeponie: Application for the transmission of reports in accordance with the Landfill Ordinance, such as annual reports from landfill supervisory bodies; measurement and monitoring reports from the landfill owner.
  • eElektroaltgeräte: Application for processing reports on the placing on the market, recovery and collection of waste electrical equipment
  • eErlaubnis: Supports waste collectors and handlers in the preparation of a permit application.
  • eVerbrennung: Reporting in accordance with the Waste Incineration Ordinance and the Emission Declaration Ordinance (e.g. fuels used; pollutants; air emissions emitted).
  • eVerbringung/EUDIN: Electronic processing of official procedures and transport notifications for the transboundary shipment (import/export) of waste.
  • eVerpackung: electronic reporting platform for packaging, e.g. packaging material categories; quantity placed on the market; quantity produced on the farm, etc.

EDM Environment

  • BMEN: application for recording proof of compliance with the sustainability requirements and greenhouse gas savings in accordance with RED II for facilities requiring verification
  • EMREG-OW: electronic register for recording all significant pressures on surface water bodies (e.g. discharges from sewage treatment plants)
  • EZG: recording and reporting of emissions and tonnage-kilometres on air transport activities in accordance with the Emission Certificate Act
  • IPPC: among other things, publication of environmental inspection programmes and summaries of environmental inspection reports of IPPC plants, broken down by province, as well as environmentally relevant contents of notifications of IPPC plants and of incineration and co-incineration plants.
  • Kundmachungen gemäß § 40a AWG 2002: publication of announcements pursuant to the Aarhus Convention
  • ePRTR: electronic reporting by industrial plants, inter alia, regarding the release of pollutants into air, water and soil
  • Radonschutz am Arbeitsplatz: reporting of determined radon concentrations at affected workplaces
  • Seveso III Inspektionen: Publication of information on SEVESO inspections categorised by year and federal state.
  • Zentrales Quellenregister: enables online compliance with reporting obligations under radiation protection law.