What klimaaktiv offers

The climate initiative “klimaaktiv” launches activities in the fields of building & building refurbishment, energy saving, renewable energies and mobility.

Building and building refurbishment

klimaaktiv “Bauen und Sanieren” (building and building refurbishment) stands for energy efficiency, ecological quality, comfort and high construction quality. Irrespective of the size of a building or its type of use, new constructions or the refurbishment of existing buildings pose major challenges to builders. Which measures are worthwhile? Which source of energy is useful in which situation? Which funding schemes are available?

Energy saving

Office and production, households and municipalities offer ample potential for saving which is not only good for the climate but also for your budget. klimaaktiv will help you!

Renewable energy

In addition to increasing energy efficiency in all areas, also the use of renewable energy is of particular importance to achieve the climate and energy goals. Which energy source should I use for heating? What can be used to prepare biogas? How is it used? klimaaktiv answers these and many more questions. The focus is on the optimal and efficient procurement and use of biomass, sun and ambient heat.


About one third of Austria’s total energy consumption is attributable to transport. Consequently, this sector puts a heavy burden not only on our budget but also on climate and the environment. klimaaktiv mobil shows how mobility can be provided in an environmentally compatible and economical way - without major restrictions, simply by the intelligent use of the most energy-saving, most clean and most climate-friendly means of Transport.