European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM) Taking over of the presidency of the European Platform on Mobility Management

In December 2012 the General Assembly of the European Platform on Mobility Management took place in Brussels.  Within the framework of the General Assembly Mr. Robert Thaler and Austrian representative was elected President of the European Platform on Mobility Management. 

EPOMM is an important network of the government representatives of European countries involved in mobility management with headquarters in Brussels. Among the main goals of this platform there is in particular the subsidisation and further development of mobility management in Europe, as well as the support of active exchange of information between the European countries.

Austria has so far played a leading role within the framework of EPOMM, in particular due to the very successful programme klimaaktiv mobil, an initiative of the Federal Ministry. With the klimaaktiv mobil consultation and subsidisation programme the Federal Ministry supports climate-compatible mobility projects in the fields of: Enterprises, developers, fleet operators, children, parents and schools /towns, municipalities and regions as well as tourism, leisure-time and youth. 

An important milestone of EPOMM was the European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM). ECOMM took place in Maastricht (Netherlands) in 2017 and dealt with the topic “Teaming-up for liveable cities”.