Climate pathways calculator for Austria

With just a few mouse clicks this tool gives you an impression of how different climate protection strategies might influence Austria’s emission development until 2050.

Electric car
Electric car fills up on electricity, photo BMLRT / Bernhard Kern

The European Council repeatedly emphasised the need for long-term climate goals that are compatible with the 2 degrees Celsius target. The target corridor for the EU until 2050 is within a range of minus 80–95% compared to 1990. But what does sustainable decarbonisation mean for Austria? Which options are available for the exit from the use of fossil fuels?

Based on the UK 2050 pathways calculator, the Federal Environment Agency developed a climate pathways calculator for Austria which is able to provide answers to these questions.

Ease of use

The full version of the calculator encompasses multiple options for measures and combinations of measures. Now, a greatly simplified version of this tool has been developed in addition.

The Zielpfadrechner-Light relies on the same calculation principles as the full version. The options that the user chooses in the fields of mobility, renewable energy sources, housing, agriculture and industry illustrate the impacts on greenhouse emissions, final energy consumption and the share of electricity from renewable sources that they will have between 2030 and 2050.

The tool has deliberately been designed in a way that makes it very easy to use and has been provided with pictures to illustrate major changes. The calculator is therefore also very well suited for schools to get into the topic. Who would like to get into greater detail after a quick overview can continue with the full version, choose from different options and obtain lots of additional information.

Technology development or activity changes

Please note that the pathways calculator does not provide any specific political measures to implement the technology options but has above all been designed to make the development potentials of technologies transparent under the most realistic framework conditions possible. Political options for implementation need to be elaborated in the framework of strategy processes but the pathways calculator for Austria can and should support the discussion.