Strategies, Policies, Governance

5G Strategy

The strategy aims at achieving the rollout of the 5G mobile communications standard with optimised framework conditions, and aims at harnessing the associated opportunities for citizens, the economy, industry and science. In the course of a broadly-based stakeholder survey, specific measures in the action fields of infrastructure and applications have been developed in order to create optimised framework conditions.

In concrete terms, 24 out of the 34 measures dealing with the action fields of infrastructure and applications serve to facilitate and to significantly reduce the costs of upgrading the digital infrastructure. The remaining ten measures take advantage of the technical possibilities and the potential of 5G for the economy and society by supporting the timely development of 5G services and applications. Among other things, targeted funding programmes, innovation co-operations, test environments and innovation-friendly public procurement (IÖB) will be used to advance these applications.

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Austrian Council

The main task of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development consists in systematically, independently and thoroughly consulting the Austrian Federal Government in all issues of research, technology and innovation policy. The main goal of its work is to provide an essential contribution to a future-oriented RTI policy. In doing so, the Austrian Council sees itself as central node in the network of the broad technology and research landscape, as coordinator and amplifier of the diversified activities, as bridge between actors, as filter, and most of all as setter of priorities. The main strategic foundation is the council's Strategy 2010 and its successor the current Strategy 2020.