Incentives for intermodal transport on the Danube

A cargo ship goes downstream

A significant factor in the funding of intermodal transport on the Austrian section of the Danube is the “Pilot programme for the development and promotion of intermodal transport on the Danube waterway“. The programme has been extended for the period 2007 to 2013.

The aim is to encourage sustainable switching of transport operations along the Danube corridor to the environmentally friendly mode of inland waterways, in an attempt to absorb the enormous growth of traffic in the Danube region, especially road freight, in a manner that is environmentally and socially acceptable. Moving traffic off the roads in Austria’s Danube corridor and on to inland waterways will reduce pollution from vehicle emissions and reduce the number of traffic accidents too.

Initiatives eligible for funding

  • construction and development of transport services in the form of innovative combined transport liner services for containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers using inland waterways for the main leg of their journey, plus
  • studies and concepts of direct relevance in planning innovative combined transport liner services (business plan), and
  • studies and concepts which plan, expand and improve intermodal transport operations including shipping on the Danube and are in line with the general objectives of the programme.

Natural and legal persons and civil- and commercial-law companies based in Austria may apply for funding, but not local government agencies. The programme is open in particular to all transport, transhipment and logistics operators that are established in Austria and keen to develop and operate innovative services on the Danube.