Action Plan Bioeconomy Implementation of the Bioeconomy Strategy for Austria

In the bioeconomy strategy, options for action were elaborated and then supplemented with concrete measures in an action plan. In doing so, Austria's strengths in research, agriculture and forestry were built upon and new areas were opened up. The catalogue of measures, including the respective status quo of implementation, will be completely recorded in the Bioeconomy Action Plan 2022. All political instruments for action, such as legal regulations, standards, subsidies, public procurement and awareness raising, are to be used for implementation.

An Austria-wide series of workshops on the Bioeconomy Action Plan began in mid-2019. In this series, the strategic objectives were discussed with all affected stakeholder groups and the fields of action were specified. A total of 20 events were held with more than 400 experts from companies, research institutions, associations, social partners, NGOs and public authorities. Wood construction and wood-based value creation were addressed in particular in the workshops in Styria (led by the Holzcluster STMK), but also in Tyrol and Vorarlberg (led by the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg). Topics such as sustainable raw material extraction were also discussed.

In the course of the events, a total of about 800 inputs were collected, which could be summarised in various aggregation processes into more than 100 measures. In addition, each measure was evaluated and prioritised by the three departments involved in the process. The aim was to round off the contents of the measures from a technical point of view and to identify measures with a high weighting for the objectives of the Austrian bioeconomy strategy.

The current Bioeconomy Action Plan is divided into 11 thematic areas. These thematic areas are subdivided into further fields of action, which ultimately contain the concrete measures. A total of 113 measures were defined through the intensive development process. The lead responsibility lies with the respective ministries, BMK (65), BML (36), BMBWF (6) and 6 measures are led in cooperation by BMK and BML.

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