RTI Strategies for Aviation

Rethinking Aviation

Civil aviation's key challenge is to minimise its environmental impact. Today global aviation is responsible for approximately 2.5 % of anthropogenic CO₂ emissions. Including non-CO₂ emissions, the contribution to global warming increases to 5 %. A system change in civil aviation is emerging on many levels. Meeting the targets in climate protection, energy and mobility requires great effort in research, technology and innovation.

We accept the challenge and face the upcoming transformation through the targeted interlinking of air transport policy and RTI policy. The Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology has developed two specialised strategies. Both are within the framework of the "Mobility Master Plan 2030” and have been elaborated with close involvement and collaboration of the stakeholder community:

  • The "Aviation Strategy 2040+" as an overall strategy for the aviation sector
  • The "Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation for Austrian Aviation 2040+" specific to the topics of research, technology and innovation for the Austrian aviation sector

RTI Strategies for Aviation (PDF, 1 MB)