RTI Focus Area: Climate Neutral City

Austria has an ambitious goal - to become climate neutral by 2040, requiring fundamental changes in policies, economy, and society. Cities play a central role in combating climate change. The BMK, in collaboration with the Climate and Energy Fund, supports Austrian cities in becoming climate neutral faster through research and development with the focus area "Climate Neutral City."

The RTI focus "Climate Neutral City" aims to assist Austrian cities and municipalities in the necessary transformation toward a climate-neutral future. As economic engines and hubs for research and innovation, cities have the potential to develop new solution strategies and become pioneers in climate protection and climate change adaptation. Through mission- and demand-oriented calls for proposals, technologies for climate-neutral cities are developed, system and transformation solutions are demonstrated, and innovation spaces are created. The goal is to develop practical solutions as quickly as possible and to apply them successfully and broadly in Austrian cities. Comprehensive research activities and accompanying measures are enablers to advance the climate-friendly development of cities, resulting in higher quality of life, health, secure supply, and social cohesion for city residents.

The Pioneer City Initiative further accelerates this process by supporting pioneer cities in integrating climate neutrality into their urban governance, strategies, and decision-making processes. In the coming years, pioneer cities will implement the first climate-neutral pilot districts characterized by high living quality, energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy supply, attractive mobility offers, good infrastructure, sufficient green and open spaces, participation, and good social cohesion. By creating a learning environment, pioneer cities build a broad knowledge base, making the path to climate neutrality easier for all Austrian cities and municipalities in the long term. Pioneer cities move forward together, developing practical, climate-effective solutions that can be quickly implemented and disseminated.
"Technologies and Innovations for the Climate Neutral City" (TIKS) promotes the realization of climate-neutral, resilient, and climate-adapted cities, districts, and buildings through targeted and demand-driven RTI calls for proposals. This supports the (further) development of innovative urban technologies, urban system innovations, and the initial demonstration of climate-friendly buildings and districts.

The "Driving Urban Transitions Partnership" (DUT) is a transnational research funding network promoting integrated and cross-sectoral solutions for urban climate neutrality. With mission-oriented calls for proposals, the DUT partnership enables transnational projects to develop solutions and innovations for urban energy systems, mobility systems, and the circular economy.

For more and up-to-date information, reports, studies, and more, visit Mission Climate Neutral City - open4innovation