Dangerous Goods in Air Transport

For the transport of dangerous goods in air transport the ICAO has published technical instructions (ICAO-TI) with many specific requirements. These regulations are also published by IATA together with additional requirements (marked) according to agreement between the airlines as IATA-DGR in several languages including German.

Approvals and exemptions according to Part 1;1.1.2 and 1.1.3 of the Technical Instructions

Some dangerous goods need special approvals for air transport. Others are forbidden. For forbidden transports an exemption may be granted, but such an exemption is needed from all involved countries.

The ICAO-TI are referenced in our national law on the transport of dangerous goods (GGBG). The competent authority for an exemption is the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK). The department for dangerous goods is the IV/ST3 (see contact).

Application for an exemption

To facilitate the procedure we developed a form for the application for an exemption.

Some data fields require the prescribed format. If none of the options in a pull down menu is valid you may type in your own entry. You may save this form with all the entries with your free Acrobat Reader.

Please sign only with a digital signature or let it sign by the responsible person, but this is no requirement. In case you sign this document electronically please do not tick the option to block the document, otherwise automatic processing is not possible. Do not send a scan of the print out for the same reason.

You may save the form with the entries and send us this pdf-file or use the send button (in this case fields with a red line around (depending on your settings) must be filled, otherwise it will not work).

Application Form for an Exemption (PDF, 372 KB)


Competency of Austro Control (ACG) regarding the transport of dangerous goods

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Approvals according to Part 1;2.3 (Post) of the Technical Instructions

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Approvals according to Part 1;4 (Training) of the Technical Instructions

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Reports according to Part 7;4 of the Technical Instructions

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