Intelligent heating with klimaaktiv

Tips and tricks for the start of the season and the appropriate heating system at your home.

In Austria there are about 600,000 boilers in operation which are between 15 and 30 years old and thus do not run efficiently any more and/or have to be exchanged in the course of the next few years. If you own boiler is one of those an optimisation, rehabilitation or the transition to renewable heat can save heating costs and considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

For this purpose the climate protection initiative klimaaktiv  of the Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism offers independent information and consulting in order to find the appropriate heating system - with tips and quality standards for good heat, which, moreover, save money.

Well-insulated is half done

Which heating system is the right one depends also decisively on the construction quality of the building. A high storage tank insulation contributes for example considerably to the reduction of heating costs. Thus buildings with modern insulation and thermally insulated windows need in many cases almost two thirds heating energy less. A well-considered renovation concept does not only save costs but makes housing also more pleasant.

Optimising or exchanging?

It doesn’t always have to be an exchange of the heating - even considerably simpler and cheaper measures can reduce the energy costs by up to 15 percent. In any case it is worthwhile to have a look at your boiler room and the radiators. With the heating check of klimaaktiv professionals help you with the optimisation of existing heating systems.

Which heating system is appropriate?

Whether heat pump or pellet boiler, tiled stove heating for the whole house or solar plant on the roof - heating with renewable energy is simple and technologically mature. Apart from personal preferences the building plays an important role when selecting a heating. The klimaativ heating matrix includes both aspects and helps with the decision.

Further tips regarding energy saving

Apart from the selection of the appropriate heating system there are also minor measures to ensure the heating will work in a cost-efficient way and over a long period. This includes the reduction of the room temperature, in particular in the bed room or in unused rooms, brief and intensive ventilation instead of keeping the windows tilted, to vent the radiators, and to have the heating system maintained regularly.

Testing your knowledge and winning

For all energy savers and professional heaters there exists, moreover, the possibility to test their knowledge and to win great prizes on the topic of heating amounting in total to almost 20,000 Euro. So come on to the keys and answer questions about solar energy, pellet heating, and heat pump.

All klimaaktiv service tools, even more tips, information and contacts, as well as the klimaaktiv heating prize competition are available at (only in German)