Environmental technologies – target markets 2019

The joint export initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has meanwhile become established as a successful Austrian brand through which activities are pooled, synergies are created and Austrian companies are provided with professional export know-how for the new target markets in an enlarged Europe and on “faraway markets”.

By means of this initiative also small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the environmental industry and the field of renewable energy technologies are supported in the process of internationalisation. 

To further promote the use and dissemination of environmental technologies for the long term environmental network managers from the fields of environmental technologies and renewable energy technologies prepared another common global environmental technology map for 2019 at the meeting. This information and more details can be found in the attached minutes

Target markets of the 2019 export initiative for environmental technologies are China (Qingdao, Shanghai and Gaobeidian) and Russia (St. Petersburg). 

For more detailed information on the activities in China in April 2017 like, for example, B2B business talks with partners from Chinese ministries, the industry and EU experts in Qingdao or a roundtable at the IE Expo in Shanghai, see: cleaner-production.eu .