C-ITS Strategy Austria

Already today, the networking of intelligent transport systems contributes significantly to making transport safer, more efficient and sustainable. The possibilities offered by such cooperative systems, also known as C-ITS, are growing constantly.

Cover of the borchure "C-ITS Strategy Austria"

The C-ITS strategy for Austria summarises the key areas of action from the perspective of the BMK and presents them in an international context. Thus, the basis for a deployment decision is provided for infrastructure operators as to how these new technologies can be deployed in the Austrian transport system by 2020. A further target group of this C-ITS strategy are the companies and organisations that will be involved in the deployment of C-ITS or will be affected by the deployment now or in the future.

C-ITS can significantly contribute to successfully, safely and permanently integrating automated driving into our mobility system. Cooperative systems have been tested over an extended period in various EU projects and national initiatives. This strategy also provides an overview of the current state of the applications and standards, as well as national and international projects in Europe, USA and Asia as well as possible deployment scenarios. The joint deployment of C-ITS services is an important step in order to better network transport infrastructure and vehicles in the future and to coordinate the mutual exchange of data. An example for this is the Cooperative ITS Corridor from Rotterdam via Frankfurt to Vienna. In this project, importance is placed on both the deployment in the Austrian transport system, as well as the internationally coordinated deployment. Road infrastructure operators such as ASFINAG work together with other road operators, partners from industry and automotive manufacturers such as the “Car2Car Communication Consortium”.

The next step will focus on the further development of C-ITS beyond the high level road. This strategy includes a vision of possible scenarios by 2020 and highlights concrete goals for the deployment of C-ITS in Austria, the necessary activities, the cooperation of the parties involved and an appropriate timetable for the deployment.

Other communication technologies have other strengths, such as the large data rates in cellular networks. As a first step until 2020, this strategy paper will only refer to C-ITS networking via ITS G5 because this standard is seen as the responsibility and domain of the public sector and this technology has been extensively tested and will soon be introduced to the market.

C-ITS Strategy Austria (PDF, 2 MB)