COST – European Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research

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COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally funded research on a European level. COST has a very specific mission and goal. It contributes to reducing the fragmentation in European research investments and opening the European Research Area to cooperation worldwide.

COST anticipates and complements the activities of the EU Framework Programmes, constituting a "bridge" towards the scientific communities of emerging countries. It also increases the mobility of researchers across Europe and fosters the establishment of scientific excellence. COST funds transnational scientific networks, socalled COST actions, covering the expenses for coordination activities, like the participation in meetings, short term scientific missions, training schools, publications, etc. The participation in COST Actions is open to researchers worldwide (from science and industry) from all scientific domains. In general, COST actions run for a term of four years.

Austria has been participating in COST since its founding in 1971. Researchers, laboratories, universities and private research institutions are involved in COST. In Austria there is no dedicated funding for the participation in COST Actions; projects have to be financed already from other sources. New COST Actions can be proposed at any time, on the website of the COST Association. Proposals are evaluated and selected every half year. Additionally, applicants can participate in already ongoing COST Actions. Anyone interested can contact the Austrian COST Coordination at the FFG.

Contact and further information:

In Austria the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG is in charge of the coordination of COST. The COST National Coordinator for Austria (CNC) is Ms Andrea Höglinger.

COST National Coordinator
Mag.a Pauline Oberthaler MA
phone: 0043577554110 

person in charge
Brigitte Weiß
Radetzkystraße 2, 1030 Wien
phone: +43 1 711 62 - 65 3300

For further information please see the websites of FFG and COST: