Energy transition fact check

The discussion on policies to combat climate change is influenced by most different interests. The publication “Faktencheck Energiewende” provides data, information and Arguments.

Global energy supply is undergoing change. At the international level, more and more steps are taken that set the course for a new energy system which meets the demands of the Paris Climate Agreement and thus promotes the gradual and complete withdrawal from fossil fuels.

This is not an easy route to take, but many encouraging examples from Austria and the whole world show that we have reached the point of no return. Global market dynamics in the field of renewable energy and the - lately stagnant - development of carbon dioxide emissions prove that past forecasts have been overtaken by reality.

This structural change generates outstanding opportunities for Austria’s businesses if they manage to position themselves on the global market by offering innovative technologies, services, and ideas.

The Climate Agreement of Paris has created a common, global basis for this purpose. It establishes the objective to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius as a maximum and to take every effort to remain below +1.5 degrees Celsius. Swift, responsible and ambitious action is needed to combat the climate change crisis. Special priority has to be given to the rapid transformation of our energy and mobility system.

Energy transition fact check (only in Germain) offers a comprehensive analysis of recent data, trends and arguments in the climate and energy discussion and invalidates the most common myths around “energy transition” based on international studies.