Bioeconomy - A Strategy for Austria

Bioeconomy stands for an economic concept that aims to replace fossil resources (raw materials and energy sources) with renewable raw materials in as many areas and applications as possible. It covers all industrial and economic sectors that produce, process, handle or use biological resources. The bioeconomy thus offers a great opportunity to tackle global challenges, such as increasing climate change, food and water scarcity or growing environmental pollution, while at the same time strengthening economic development. In order to make the step towards the implementation of the hitherto knowledge-based bioeconomy – involving the relevant stakeholders and using all political instruments –, the Government has undertaken in the government programme and #mission2030 to create a strategy for bioeconomy in Austria. This Austrian Bioeconomy Strategy is intended to be an essential cornerstone of the Climate and Energy Strategy and to support the decarbonisation of the economic system.

Bioeconomy - A Strategy for Austria (PDF, 2 MB)