Trans-European Network Transport TEN-T

The basic considerations for a Trans-European transport network for economic and transport cohesion within Europe date back to 1990. Over the years, it has grown into a multimodal and trans-continental network, which is constantly expanding according to comprehensible criteria.

Factsheet TEN-T

Core Network Corridors are being established as an instrument for implementing the Core Network. The main European co-financing element is the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). CEF supports transport projects with the highest European added value. Only projects on the TEN-T network are considered, with the bulk of the funding reserved for projects on the Core Network Corridors.

896.9 million Euro of EU funds has been awarded for transport projects in Austria (88.9 % BMK and 11.1 % to third parties) in the financial period 2014–2020. The largest
share of this amount has been allocated to the Austrian section of the Brenner base tunnel (590.75 million Euro).

Plans exist for a successor instrument for the European co-financing of TEN-T projects in the financial period 2021–2027 and negotiations are under way.

Factsheet "Trans-European Network Transport" (PDF, 186 KB)