CETA Agreement offers opportunities for both sides

As part of the Export Initiative the former Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter and a high-ranking trade delegation visited Canada between 8 and 14 April 2017, with stops in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

The delegation was accompanied by Second President to the National Council Karlheinz Kopf, Deputy Head of the Tyrolean Government Josef Geisler, Vice-President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Richard Schenz, Vice-General Secretary of the Federation of the Austrian Industry Peter Koren and representatives of AMA Marketing, the Food Industries Association of Austria and Österreich Wein Marketing GmbH.

A large number of company representatives also accompanied the delegation. Nadine Schüller, winemaker from Lower Austria, Josef Münzenrieder from Burgenland, Ludwig Holzer from Winzer Krems and also the head of Handl-Tyrol Christian Handl, Upper Austrian butcher Greisinger, Veronika Sadlonova from Staud’s and representatives of mills Gregor Furthner and Marcus Haberfellner used the opportunity to establish business contacts.

The Canadian market offers great potential for Austrian agricultural products, foods and beverages. Particularly wine, cheese, bacon and sausage products "made in Austria" meet with a great deal of interest in Canada. The Foreign Trade Centre of the Austrian Trade of Commerce organised a showcase in Toronto and in Montreal as well as an expert symposium for food export for the Austrian company representatives. On the agenda were also a visit of an organic farm and a vineyard, a tour of an agricultural research centre and various delicatessen stores.

Minister Rupprechter’s working visit was not just about export opportunities for Austrian food products but also about sustainable building. As part of a symposium, Minister Rupprechter pointed out the significance of "green buildings” in connection with reaching the Paris climate goals to a large number of Canadian industry representatives. Due to its climate and the way timber construction is encouraged, Canada is considered an attractive market for Austrian providers of eco-friendly construction methods.

In Ottawa, Federal Minister Rupprechter met three of his Canadian ministerial colleagues: Minister for Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna, Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay and Minister for Natural Resources James Gordon Carr. In all discussions, the significance of the CETA Agreement between the EU and Canada was highlighted particularly. “The agreement offers opportunities for both sides. Trade can never be a one-way street”, Rupprechter said.