Environmental Umbrella Organisation Umweltdachverband (UWD)

The Environmental Umbrella Organisation with its headquarters in Vienna is a non-party platform for 39 environmental agencies and nature conservation organisations and alpine associations from all Austria. It has about 1.3 million members

The environmental lobby has 39 member organisations and was established in 1973 as the Austrian Society for Nature and Environmental Protection (ÖGNU). Presently, the work of the Environmental Umbrella Organisation focuses on the sustainable protection of the vital resource of water, full dedication to climate protection and renewable energies, committed efforts for protected areas in Austria and the preservation of the diversity of genes, species and ecosystems as well as the further development of the Austrian Sustainability Strategy.

The central tasks are attended to by a young, committed team. Its activities include, for example, project and public relations work, management of the association and lobbying. The Environmental Umbrella Organisation is headed by Executive Directors who work on an honorary basis.

Other important tasks include the Alpine Convention Office of CIPRA Austria, the EU Environmental Bureau and the Forum Umweltbildung (Forum Environmental Education).