Chips Joint Undertaking

The Chips Joint Undertaking is a public-private partnership that supports research, development, and manufacturing capacities in the European semiconductor ecosystem.
It confronts semiconductor shortages and strengthens Europe’s technological sovereignty. The Chips JU continues to support the ongoing activities of the Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking (KDT JU).

The Chips Joint Undertaking continues the predecessor initiative of Key Digital Technologies KDT JU, i.e. the promotion of cooperative transnational R&D projects in the field of microelectronics, embedded software, smart systems, sub-areas of photonics as well as current topics such as edge computing and Risc-V.
Furthermore, it serves to implement the goals of the 1st pillar of the European Chips Act, i.e. investments in technological capacities such as pilot plines, competence centers or a European design platform.

Michael Wiesmüller
Department III/5
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