Funding priority: Automated mobility

Automated mobility represents a disruptive and futuristic technology at the interface between mobility and the digital economy and affects several areas of research within the BMK.

In spring 2016, therefore, the BMK launched the Automated Driving initiative on the basis of the “Automated-Networked-Mobile” action plan. This initiative is aligned across the programmes and includes content-related main focus subjects in the programmes

Through this initiative, synergies should be used optimally and the system/technology competence expanded, thus reinforcing Austria as a business and innovation location.

For this purpose, the BMK invested around 20 million Euro besed on the action plan automated driving between 2016-2018 in research and development around automated driving:

  • Interactive technology funding in research areas such as: mobility in the future, information and communication technologies of the future (ICT) and safety-critical research activities (KIRAS).
  • Set-up and operation of two research / development / test environments connected with automated driving.
  • The promotion of endowed professorship at Austrian universities to ensure the development of the system and grouped technology competence.
  • Impact analyses on automated mobility in respect of various interacting aspects such as: economic impact (automated mobility as a growth factor); social impact (politics, trust, ethics and law); system view (road safety and network effects) and mobility system effects (mobility behaviour and land use and environmental effects).
  • Participation in EU funding programmes.

Based on the Automated Driving Action Plan (2016-2018), the Automated Mobility Action Package (2019-2022) was created in cooperation with about 300 experts. It addresses 34 measures as well as three fields of action. For that purpose, the BMK will invest approximately 65 million Euro (2019-2022) in the research and development around automated mobility in the modes of transport:

  • road
  • railway
  • aviation (drones)

You can find an overview of current calls for tender in the automated driving field at: