How municipalities and regions can become independent of fossil energy sources

The Federal Ministry supports municipalities and regions on their pathway towards local energy transition by way of promotion schemes and consulting Programmes.

Spatial planning, public buildings, energy supply, mobility, procurement or awareness-raising - in municipalities numerous decisions are directly or indirectly related with energy.

Local energy transition as a vision statement is designed to make the energy supply of a municipality or region as independent as possible of fossil energy in the areas of heat, electricity, and transport and to cover demand to a huge extent from renewable sources in the area.

Ten steps towards local energy transition

  1. Integration of local energy transition in a vision statement
  2. Joining a pioneer programme and carrying out a status quo analysis
  3. Thermal rehabilitation of municipality-owned buildings
  4. Translating the idea of sustainability into practice
  5. Efficient infrastructure by way of climate protection through spatial planning
  6. Promotion of gentle mobility
  7. Consulting and funding
  8. Regional energies
  9. Electricity from the region
  10. Mobility derived from renewable energy

Make the first step!

Optimising municipal buildings

With the construction or rehabilitation of your kindergarten or your municipal office according to the klimaaktiv building standard you can make sure that it complies with the most modern criteria of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Renewable energy sources

Biomass and solar energy are regionally available. klimaaktiv supports you with the planning of high quality biomass heating facilities and the conversion to the optimum heating system with renewables.

Saving electricity

Reduce your costs of electricity with IT, lighting or appliances – without loss of comfort or quality. On the website you will find the most energy-efficient appliances on the market as well as information on the energy-efficient use of the appliances.

Optimise your steet lighting and you will save up to 3/4 of the current costs.

Greening of transport

Intelligent mobility concepts reduce transport. klimaaktiv shows you how it works: Conversion of the municipal car pool to alternative drives, establishment of community buses; promotion of pedestrian and bicycle transport.

Activating citizens

The municipality is the central platform for the communication of topics of the future. klimaaktiv offers ideas for actions and concrete measures for the activation of the citizens of the municipality, ranging from citizen’ participation models for photovoltaic plants, fuel saving trainings to sustainably oriented parties.

Training of staff members

klimaaktiv offers lectures and further training courses for municipal officers as well as for citizens

Becoming a pioneer municipality

Your municipality wants to become as independent as possible as far as the energy supply is concerned?  The e5-programme for energy-efficient municipalities will accompany you with the gradual improvement of your energy performance with clearly identifiable sub-goals.

Promotion schemes and consulting programmes

The Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism will support you with promotion schemes and consulting programmes in the course of the implementation:

  • The experts of klimaaktiv, the climate-protection initiative of the Federal Ministry, support you with their long-standing experience gathered in municipalities. They consult your municipality and work closely with you to devise tailor-made programmes and measures.
  • Among other things, the Climate and Energy Fund promotes the development of “climate and energy model regions”.
  • Domestic environmental promotion supports companies in implementing measures in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Also municipal companies conducting market-oriented activities, associations and churches are eligible for funding under the environmental promotion scheme.