Austria’s nature conservation union naturschutzbund Österreich

Knowing that our future and happiness depend on the sustainable conservation and the protection of nature imposes on us a great responsibility which we gladly accept and work for.

Austria’s nature conservation union is a non-profit, politically independent association in which everyone loving nature is welcome. Today, about 80,000 members are working for a common goal.

Our objective is to preserve a rich flora and fauna for us and for future generations. We protect nature and the environment because we know that there is an inseparable link between humans and all living beings on Earth.

What we want

  • Preserve endangered habitats and species for the long term
  • More nature in cultivated landscapes, in forests and settlements
  • More space for nature

What we do

naturschutzbund is active in 4 main fields:

  • Nature conservation in practical life
  • Nature conservation research
  • Public relations work and lobbying
  • Nature and environmental education, youth work

The major part of the work of the nature conservation union is accomplished by members on an honorary basis. A federal office in Salzburg and professional establishments in all Federal Provinces provide effective support to the volunteers.

How we achieve our goals

As an association the Austria’s nature conservation union depends on members and supporters. Only with the idealism and personal commitment of countless people in Austria the nature conservation union has, since 1913, been able to stand up for nature effectively. Dynamic nature conservation work has been carried out for almost 100 years, for example the protection of the Vienna Woods, the rescue of the waterfalls at Krimml and the present project vielfaltleben. And we go on!