EU Rail Freight Corridors

Rail freight transport is resource-effcient and environmentally friendly and helps mitigate congestion on our road networks. The development of a European rail network for freight transport is encouraged. Trans-European freight transport corridors will be established linking at least three EU Member States.

Map of the EU Rail Freight Corridors

Moreover, it stipulates the establishment of an administrative structure which engages all stakeholders in extensive cooperation and facilitates the harmonization of technical, operational and organizational provisions. A Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS) will be set up for each corridor as the single point of contact.

There are eleven rail freight corridors in the EU, ten of which are currently in operation. Geographically, they largely correspond to the TEN-T core network corridors. It is planned that a total of five corridors will run through Austria.

The European Union offers an interactive map of the first nine corridors.

Factsheet "EU Rail Freight Corridors" (PDF, 1 MB)