The Politics of Global Energy Transition

The global future of energy is substantially formed not only in Europe but also in other world regions. While the consumption of energy decreases on a European level, the demand will rise in other economic regions, even drastically.

As regards fossil energy sources (oil, gas, and coal), this tendency applies to developing countries in particular. It is in our interest to work towards a global orientation as sustainable as possible. With an excellent know how of energy planning, system design, regulation, energy services, as well as innovative energy technology and storage, Austria is able to contribute significantly towards achieving this goal.

The term "international politics of energy transition" comprises the entirety of all regulatory action in the area of foreign energy relations which aim at accelerating international energy transition. Thereby, the main focus lies on

  • Austria’s commitment to create safe, transparent, competetive, and sustainable energy markets and systems on an international level
  • The setup and maintenance of relations with strategic energy partners (100% Renewables Coalition) as well as the „export of our standards“ and the export of the Green Deal, respectively, to our neighbouring and third countries
  • The support of advanced and sustainable energy technologies and services „Made in Austria“ on an international level in order to open up new export and investment opportunities for innovative energy enterprises from Austria
  • The positioning of Austria as international energy hub and place for multilateral energy dialogue