EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme

Since 1993 EMAS has been the voluntary European Environmental Management, an instrument for sustainable development in the economy and in Administration.

photo: EMAS

The responsible way of dealing with natural resources, with humans and the environment, the increase in legal security and the improved operating structure constitute the core elements of the system, which has meanwhile been extended and improved and is now open to all organisations, which means enterprises from the economy and all institutions of the administration.

The administrative simplifications with the Austrian Eco-Management Act offer an additional incentive for participation, enterprises and administration are relieved for the purposes of sustainable development.

The objective of EMAS is to continuously improve environmental protection at company Level.

EMAS helps organisations to eliminate their ecological and economic weaknesses, and to save material and energy and thus costs. EMAS therefore is not only of use to the environment but benefits also companies and the administration.

This goal can be reached by means of:

  • Creation and application of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) by organisations and a systematic, objective and regular performance assessment of these EMS
  • Information of the public and the holding of an open dialogue with (the) other stakeholders interested in the business performance
  • Active involvement of staff members in the organisations
  • as well as adequate training and further training, enabling an active participation in the fulfilment of these tasks.